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Peiec® & Yoga Event

Gloria's Place of Wellness Saturday 16th April 10am - 12pm

  • Started 16 Apr
  • 44 Australian dollars
  • Gloria's Place of Wellness, 845 Campersie Rd Brigadoon, Perth

Service Description

*** We request that peiec® students do not make bookings through this link. This event is to share peiec energy method to the wider community. We may be able to open up a few places before the event. Please email us to request attendance *** This peiec® & Yoga event shows you the possibility of a fast-track to spiritual growth and connection to Self and Source. It is incredibly special because all classes are supported by the unique energetic flow of peiec® founder Anandi Sano. This flow is beautiful and palpable. It supports everyone who attends these events and creates deep shifts and changes in your energy for healing, assisting your journey of spiritual awakening. Join us for a class of healing with intuitive flow. You will be guided through a range of simple movements & encouraged to find gentleness in every moment. As the body moves through different postures, or you hear words within a particular instruction or even where you sit in the room, these things can 'ping' you. This 'pinging' is when clusters of energy called life moments, rise to the surface within your energetic layers of self and create a shift within the body. You may or may not be able to feel these shifts but please know that they are happening. During the class, peiec® assistants will be using the tools of peiec® to release the life moments that are sitting at the surface of your energetic layers of self. This is where the depth of healing is profound and it will take you deeper into relaxation, calm and inner stillness. This is a fast track to spiritual growth and healing. You may also notice: - Ease within the body as tension and stiffness may dissipate. - Emotions may arise within and then simply disappear. - Mental chatter quietens as you drop into inner stillness and peace. - A deep connection to yourself and Source. What to expect? At the start of class, you will be opened up energetically. This will enhance your experience and allow for deeper healing to occur. You will be worked on energetically throughout the class. This can be hands-on and off. Please be clear before or during class starts, if you would prefer NOT to be physically touched. Healing music will be played throughout the duration of the event with the permission of the peiec® Founder Anandi Sano. Please bring your own yoga mat and bottle of water. Wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in and a jumper or blanket in case you feel cold. If you have any questions please get in touch.

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