Peiec® & Yoga FREE for YOGA TEACHERS

The Yoga Garage SCARBOROUGH Saturday 29th Jan 11am - 1pm

  • Doubleview

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Join us for a class of intuitive movement and energetic healing. You will be guided through a range of simple movements & encouraged to find gentleness in every moment. We offer this event free for yoga teachers so you can come and be nurtured as a student, to be held in the incredible energy flow of peiec® founder, Anandi Sano. This flow helps to raise your vibration so you are more able to feel your unique connection to Source. During the event, peiec® assistants will be using the tools of peiec® to release energetic densities called life moments that are sitting within your energetic layers of self. This is where healing is profound. It creates a change in your energy & consciousness, taking you into deep relaxation and inner stillness. Peiec® is a fast-track to spiritual awakening. It can create profound changes by: - Helping to shift emotions such as fear & frustration for example, which may be associated with chronic pain, anxiety, overwhelm and injury etc - Calming the mental chatter, self doubt, and ego. - Connects you deeply to your truth: true self, true potential and purpose. As you move your body, hear words of an instruction or even where you sit in the room, all of these things can 'ping' you. This 'pinging' is when the life moments rise to the surface within your energetic layers of self and create a shift within you...physically, mentally, emotionally or all of the above. You may or may not be able to feel these shifts, but know that they are happening. As a yoga teacher it is likely that you probably do see or feel shifts in people or within yourself during your classes but you may not be able to clearly recognise them. This event can help you do that. What to expect? At the start of the event, you will be opened up energetically. This will enhance your overall experience. We will explain what peiec® is in more detail. Class will begin. You will be worked on energetically throughout the class. This can be hands on or off. Please be clear at any time, if you would prefer NOT to have any hands on touch. There will also be healing music played with the permission of Anandi Sano. Please bring your own yoga mat and bottle of water. This will not be a heated class. Wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in. If you have any questions please get in touch. ***Because this is a free event with high demand, please let me know ASAP if you are unable to attend as this will allow us to let other people attend in your place.

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