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Raise your Consciousness

- Access the flow of life -

Connect to the truth of who you are, finding balance within yourself.

Raising your consciousness brings more ease, peace, and purpose into your life, creating a ripple effect on everything around you.

Everything matters.

You matter. 

The Sano Method of Peiec
Holistic Bodywork & Yoga


Are you searching for answers or wanting something in your life to change?


You may have had some success in the past with self-development practices, modalities, or therapies, yet somehow your 'stuff' (symptoms or circumstances) persist.

This is why using the gentle tools of peiec® is so unique.

Everything has an energetic component, which is rarely considered when seeking assistance for our challenges in life. The Sano method of peiec releases energetic blocks that can hold you in your 'stuff', changing your unique energetic vibration, creating more space for the truth of who you are to be expressed. It feels like the layers of who you thought you were, fall away.

As you do this work you realise that your life becomes different quickly... you are living a new norm. You begin to feel, think, speak, and act differently. Your symptoms and pain dissipate. You are less triggered by worries, fears, or within relationships. 

This is when more ease, joy, and peace enter your life.

Deep healing happens when you raise your consciousness with this powerful work.

Allow the truth of you to shine!

For more information about The Sano Method of Peiec and its founder Anandi Sano please click here.

Click here to purchase your own copy of the book "Beautiful You".
16 inspiring testimonials of how peiec® healing has helped transform the lives of the everyday person.  
Heidi's story is chapter 5.


Release the energetics that hold you bound, stuck in pain, anxious, overwhelmed, fearful, disconnected, and shut down. 

Find a gentleness within.
Be free. Be content. Be you.

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If you would like to make an appointment please book online or text me. If you have any questions regarding my services, please feel free to contact me.

Ph: 0447021188

BHB Wellness:

166 Brighton Rd, Scarborough 6019

- Level 2, Suite 12 -

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